Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun. Details

So, in the beginning of January we recorded our album at Paisley Daisy studios in California.
I had to go back to Arizona for awhile, so the recordings have been collecting (digital) dust on my hard-drive.
Now I'm finally back in California, so tomorrow I am going to begin mixing the album. Some of the rough (rough) mixes are up on our myspace, but they were mixed on my laptop in about half an hour and don't sound even 1/10th as good as they will when properly mixed (and mastered, but I'm not going to be the one doing that).
So as I go along mixing, I will be posting blogs detailing my work on the songs. Might be boring for most people, but it might be interesting to some, and it helps me have a grasp on how much I'm accomplishing.
Anyway, here's the tracklist:
  1. Tapes
  2. Organ Failure
  3. Beached Whale
  4. Doesn't Matter
  5. What Could I Be
  6. (as of yet untitled instrumental)
  7. Asteroid
  8. For a Time
  9. 645 Spacetime
  10. Sleep
  11. Dead Friends
  12. Tapes Pt. 2

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