Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Every day when I get out of the shower and have to navigate back to my room relying mostly on secondary senses (smell, hearing, seeing dead people) I am reminded of how miserable my life would be without glasses.
Glasses were invented in either the 13th or the 18th century, depends on who you ask. Their original use was to pop popcorn on sunny days, but when a pair fell out of a tree on to Sir Isaac Newton's head, their true usefulness was discovered.
It remains a mystery to this day who planted those glasses there, and who even invented them in the first place. Was it Nostradamus? He seemed to do a lot of stuff a long time ago, so it's a possibility. Maybe DaVinci, or Thomas Edison. Eli Whitney, George Washington Carver and Einstein are also candidates, but we may never know who gave us this wonderful invention.
What we do know is that glasses are great and nobody can ever take them away from us, unless they knock them from our heads.